Ministry of Trade Registered.

How to Purchase


The following steps sum up the purchasing process. For more details, please contact us.

1. Once you locate a unit from our site listing that interests you, you can use the links provided to send us e-mail indicating your interest, or you can call us using the numbers on the contact page. You can also pay us a visit to check out the unit that interests you. If the vehicle in question is reserved, you can tell us whether you are interested in standing by, or if it is sold, you can request a similar unit. Be sure to use the reference number in your communication.

2. We will issue a Pro-Forma invoice for the available vehicle(s) chosen, which you can use to secure your financing, if applicable. Once your financing is approved (if applicable), you will be required to make a deposit and complete all necessary documentation. Please note that a vehicle can only strictly be reserved by way of a deposit.

3. The vehicle will be registered in the name of the applicant(s) upon payment of the required deposit.

4. The relevant registration document will be faxed to your financial institution and/or insurers where applicable, and the vehicle will be prepared for delivery.

5. Your vehicle will be delivered to you upon final payment of all outstanding amounts.

NOTE: You are required to come in to view the vehicle before it is registered.


For units that have not yet arrived, the process is similar to that for stock vehicles, with minor changes.

1. After you view the unit(s) of interest to you on our website, contact us.

2. We then issue an invoice for your selected unit(s).

3. Once your financing is approved, your deposit is required for us to reserve the vehicle for you.

4. Upon arrival of the vehicle, you will be notified and arrangements will be made for you to view the unit.

5. Registration of the vehicle follows your viewing, and copies of all required documentation are sent to your financial institution as soon as they are available.

6. The vehicle is prepared for delivery while your financial details are being finalised.

7. Upon payment of the outstanding balance, the unit is delivered to you.


Please contact us for special orders.