Authorized Dealership

JMZ Imports is a Ministry of Trade and Industry-authorized, fully registered Roll on Roll off dealership located in Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago. For further details, please contact us.


JMZ Imports was established in January 2002.
Since then, we have grown in strides, with our expertise and reach having expanded tremendously, giving you the edge on getting exactly what you want in a Roll on Roll off vehicle.


We are currently recognized by all major banks and other lending institutions throughout Trinidad and Tobago, and have extensive in-house capability in assisting you to find the best financing options. We are constantly working with these institutions to assist you.


We import all major brands of vehicles. For units that are not currently in our stock, you have the option of ordering a unit. We try our utmost to meet your requirements.
The following are standard services that we offer on any Roll-on Roll off vehicle purchased from us:

  • Wash/buff/polish/shampoo
  • Oil/filter change
  • Inspection of all other fluids (and change if necessary)
  • Braking system service
  • Undercarriage/suspension checks (repairs if necessary)
  • Insurance referral if required
  • Registration
  • Warranty - as per Ministry of Trade stipulations